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Tragic birthday


a 30 years old man died after his car drown into Sungai Gombak, somewhere near the Bandaraya LRT Station. Happen at 3:50 am, the driver is about to celebrate his birthday in the same day. tragic.


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Sungai Batu

Thaipusam lepas, aku berkesempatan ‘melawat’ sungai batu di sekitar Batu Cave dan juga satu lokasi di Jalan Ipoh. ┬áSungai Batu berasal dari Empangan Batu (Batu Dam) mengalir menuju pertemuan dengan Sungai Gombak di hadapan PWTC.

i will continue my ‘adventure’ through sungai batu soon….

Sungai Batu overlooking Batu Cave

Sungai Batu flowing through Jalan Ipoh

perhatikan perbezaan warna sungai batu di antara 2 lokasi tersebut…

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Fishing at Sungai Gombak

Nak menjala pun boleh

Aktiviti sekitar sungai gombak

Aktiviti memancing kat sungai gombak ni boleh dikatakan dari pagi sampai ke petang. tidak pernah tidak ada waktu orang tidak memancing. tak faham aku, ada juga makhluk-makhluk yang tergamak nak makan ikan di sini? sedap ke?

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Hello Kuala Lumpur!

wow, i feel great to start a blog just for our beloved yet forgotten Klang River and its tributaries. Klang River (or i will call Sungai Klang occasionally) is the artery together with the vein, Gombak River (also i will call it Sungai Gombak) since the beginning pumping life into the heart, Kuala Lumpur.

Such an important river yet received bad treatment by our fellow KLites (and Selangorian oso!).

So my purpose for this blog is to share, to update, to give awareness and even to compare with other cities around the world on how they manage their rivers.

So the header photo is taken from Titiwangsa LRT station. showing some foreign construction workers catching fich in such heavy polluted river.

Enjoy reading!

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