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From river…to the sea…and it goes inside your body

Do you think dirty river is just another government’s matter? or worse, you still thinking that river is the best place to dumb garbage?

photo here was taken somewhere in Manila’s chinatown of Binondo. It is an old and historic enclave of Manila. As usual, in most cities in Asia, the older the place, the dirtier it is. but….where will this river goes eventually…?

Well, it goes to Pasif River….and it goes straight to the sea. The Manila Bay!

Somewhere in Binondo

Look at these children. They don’t even realise they are taking bath in a polluted sea water. How about their parents? Well, they are the one who throw the garbage into the river….since they are living in the slum somewhere near the river….

There you go…it goes back to them. but…what about those innocent children?

Manila Bay weekend picnic...!

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