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Bosnia, the country where rivers are from heaven

Miljacka river of Sarajevo, or Sarajevo River is considered ‘the dirtiest’ river in Bosnia. It runs through the city as what our Klang river is.┬áThe shallow and brownish river is just 38km. But despite its dirty condition, it is nonetheless loved and admired by Sarajevo city folks..

The question is, does our people loves our Klang river as much as Sarajevons?

Miljacka, running through Sarajevo

If Malaysia is blessed with beautiful, white sandy, blue-green beaches and islands, Bosnia is a blessed country with its rivers. Truly, many of the river are green-turquoise colored with gorgeous waterfalls. A hidden heaven on a country once a hell on earth…

Blagaj River, Bosnia

Neretva river, Bosnia

Vrbas river

Una river, Bosnia

Pliva river, Bosnia

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