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New Seoul

The rebirth of Cheonggyecheon is changing the landscape of Seoul

ahhh….look how a nice river can change city landscape. imagine if this project haven’t been done, do you think people will ever spend their time with family in that area?

physiologically, living in a clean, beautiful city can effect one’s behaviour….

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Cheonggyecheon during its old days…

Cheonggyecheon restoration project which cost almost RM4billion received more criticism than applause. Well, i believe it happen when public sentiment got manipulated by some populist who know nothing about making good of their own nation.

Cases like this happen everywhere on earth, when 1 visionary person (Mayor Lee Myung-bak, the then mayor but now President) came out with a non-stereotype idea which involved multi-billion amount of money, some idiots turn the idea into political issue. Good thing the mayor was genius enough, able to turn this great idea into reality.

Believe me, throughout history, very few nations in this world could have this kind of visionary guy. In Malaysia, Tun Mahathir is the one and only. Many nations are not as lucky as us. Leaders keep changing while countries still in coma. Thing worst when they buried their talented leaders just because some fools told them to do so….

Ok, back to the topic…

These are photos of Cheonggyecheon decades ago. No more than a slum dwelling, then replaced with ugly looking elevated road…

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