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The imperial capital of ancient China, Beijing has an extensive city wall, keeping the city safe from enemies. Unfortunately, most part of it destroyed by the Mao communist regime saying it is the way to get rid of feudal era. It’s a miracle that this guy had a short life. Or else, we might never see the Forbidden City!

Other than city wall, the ancient Chinese also built canal for the same reason. A long and massive canal!

So i got a chance to walk along the canal, which is located at the south of Temple of Heaven and see people jogging, and even fishing. The color of the water is black, yet some people really hungry for that small fish which i can’t never imagine!

oh, btw, i have no idea what Nanhuchenghe is…! something like south____canal 😀


Fishing activity at the canal

pretty good catch...

This canal only has this size of fish. No bigger than this


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